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Review of Udta Punjab: The stunning story of drug addicted Punjab


One of the most sensational movies of 2016, ‘Udta Punjab’ has stirred the public minds and censor board because of its content. Udta Punjab Review from the critics has been mixed as it has a strong message for the public. The director of this movie, Abhishek Chaubey has properly depicted the contemporary scene of Punjab youth engrossed in substance abuse. It is also reported that Udta Punjab Leaked copies are running before the movie was released.

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Udta Punjab – The storyline

The entire story is aptly segmented in four parallel story lines. The storylines sometimes merge with each other but actually are set in different scenarios. Udta Punjab Movie is based on the contemporary condition of Punjab where the drug cartels reside and disperse cocaine, opium, heroine and other abusive substances intoxicating the youth.

Tommy is portrayed as the alpha male in this movie who cannot cook music unless he is intoxicated with cocaine. Being the role model, he is blindly followed by the youth.

Udta Punjab Movie also depicts the story of a Bihari hockey player who accidently finds a pink powder packet in her lap and starts to fly in ecstasy.

Sartaj is a crooked cop who finds one day that his brother is victimized in the same menace. Preet, on the other hand works hard to rehabilitate the victims by day and reporter by night to save the golden land from the clutches of narcotics.

Udta Punjab : Review of the movie

The film is made in a documentary style with a touch of mainstream silver screen. The second half turns out to be a little lethargic in comparison to the beginning. But the film makes every watcher to feel empathy for the victims of drug abuse as they fight with themselves to overcome the menace.

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As per Udta Punjab Review, Alia Bhatt has done a very good job and so is Shahid Kapoor. Kareena was proficient to portray the struggling doctor. Diljit on the other hand has done an appreciable part in the film as per critics. Abhishek Chaubey’s directorial prowess has been once again proved. As he showed the drug infested picture of Punjab very intelligently. Udta Punjab Leaked video is running rampant in the market as everyone thought that the censor board might not allow the picture to release in a perfect shape due to immense tension.

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